What travelling does…..

Me on Great wall

Me on the great wall with Lina

Team Panda China 2014





In July I went to a summer school in Beijing, China at the China Agricultural University. I went with a group of students from my University.  We visited the popular sites such as, The Forbidden City, Summer Palace, the Olympic Park and the Great Wall of China (plus many more).

The trip to China was one of the best experiences ever, the fact that travelling to China was on my bucket list and it came true is just amazing. This just proves that anything is possible. What I loved about this trip is that I gained so many new experiences and learn’t so much about people and how much the world has to offer. In our day to day lives when we switch on our Televisions or Phones for news, it’s always bad news. However travelling to China has shown me that world is so much more bigger than my little town in London. The world has much beauty within it, if you choose to see the good. So I honestly can’t wait for my next adventure ……

Jo x

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