October- Music I’m Ioving

 I thought I would share the albums I have been enjoying the most this month.

jhene-aiko-souled-out-500x474The first album on the list is Souled Out by Jhene Aiko, this is truly a feel a good album. After her very impressive EP’s, this album was much anticipated by fans and Jhene Aiko did not disappoint with so many amazing tracks such as “W.A.Y.S”, “Spotless Mind”, “Promises”, “Blue Dream” and much more. If you like musicians such as Sade and Elle Varner you are sure to enjoy this album.


Steffany - The UndoingSteffany Gretzinger is highly popular with fans of Bethel Music/ Worship, therefore when I found that she had a solo album coming out I was so excited. Steffany Gretzinger is able to capture the heart of worship with an authenticity and a pure love for God which I am truly in awe of. This album is breathtaking, my favourite tracks are “I spoke Up”, “Out of hiding”, “Morning song” and “no Fear in love”, however if i’m honest I love the entirety of this Album so definitely check it out.


TrxyeTroye Sivan is a popular face on YouTube and is definitely talented. So I decided to buy His EP called Trxye, all 5 tracks on the EP are amazing including his single “Happy Little Pill” which has managed to reach number 1 in many countries. The EP also features track “The Fault in our stars” inspired John Green’s popular novel.  My favourites on the EP are “Touch” and “Fun”, the EP has light and heavy sound elements reflecting love, loneliness and heartbreak. The EP helps fans of the YouTuber to understand him a lot more deeply, overall I will recommend this EP if you enjoy subtle synths and electro-beats.



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