Favourite Podcasts – October 2015

Recently I have been really getting into Podcasts and they provide a little entertainment during the day at the office.

The Friend Zone

First off is The Friend Zone with Assante, Fran (from HeyFranhey.com) and Dustin Ross. This podcast is so refreshing to listen to, positive people talking about all things in life family, friendships and relationships. Including a wellness segment from Fran, which those of us who are familiar with Fran’s YouTube channel and blog would know how enlightened and wise she is. Assante and Dustin also add some vibrancy and laughter to the podcast, with a honest perspective to each topic. Which makes this such an amazing podcast !

Elizabeth Gilbert - Magic Lessons

Many know Elizabeth Gilbert from her bestselling book Eat, Pray, Love. Elizabeth Gilbert has now released a new book called Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. The podcast is based on similar topics to the book, each week Elizabeth replies to listener emails or letters. She then calls a chosen listener on the podcast to discuss a creative insecurity that they would like to overcome to begin living a creative purposeful life. I really resonated with this podcast as it helped me to understand how to seek a creative lifestyle in a purposeful way.

Another Round 2

Another Round hosted by Heben and Tracey is so relatable l love their conversations, their topics regarding race and women’s rights. Some weeks they have special guests from different ethnic backgrounds who are high achievers in their chosen fields, which is so inspiring. Their perspective on each topic is so enlightening and their great chemistry makes the podcast so enjoyable.

I also listen to many other podcasts and will share my favorites spirituality and wellness podcasts in a later post.

What are your favourite podcasts ?

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