Top 3 fave YouTube channels !

I guess I watch a lot more YouTube than I do TV, there are so many great channels out there but here are my top 3  favourites at the moment.

1.Damon and Jo – Shut up and Go

As a person who loves to travel, I love cheap and inspiring travel and language tips. Damon and Jo have the most infectious personalities. You can see their enthusiasm for travel through their unique take on delivering travel content. Damon and Jo also speak many languages such as French, Portuguese and Italian. If you like all of the above and and a channel that takes a positive outlook on life. Then watch Damon and Jo !


2. Lavendaire

I would describe Aileen’s channel Lavendaire as blissful and inspiring. From the Konmari method videos, to travel and her general life inspiration videos. Aileen believes in truly living your dream life. That is exactly what she has managed to do as I have followed her from 5,000 subscribers to 50,000, to this month giving her first TEDx talk. If you want to know more about following your bliss and dreams then Lavendaire is the channel to watch.


3. Cecile Emeke – Strolling Series

As a member of the African diaspora I love how informative and relative these videos are concerning issues in the diaspora. Currently there are strolling series filmed in the UK, USA, France, Holland, Italy and Jamaica. A camera follows a young black adult living the diaspora discussing their perspective on a stroll/ walk around their city.  If this is something you are interested in then take a look a Cecile’s channel.

I will be sharing my other YouTube favourite channels in upcoming posts !

What are your favourite YouTube channels at the moment ?

Jo x

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